Renderpartial From Other Controller Via Ajax

Hi, I’m tryng to render a view from other controller (in this case a create form). I’m using fancybox


        $this->renderPartial('/grupoAplica/_form', array('model'=>new GrupoAplica(),'grupo'=>$model->nombre,'idgrupo'=>$model->id),false);


. Well I can render the form, but when I click on create it doesn’t work, nothing appears in my db.

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that’s true because renderPartial doesnot render all assets (jquery,javascript pieces , css)

so you must render it for the form to work you can try

$this->renderPartial(’/grupoAplica/_form’, array(‘model’=>new GrupoAplica(),‘grupo’=>$model->nombre,‘idgrupo’=>$model->id),false,true);

note the bold true at the end of code that will render clientscripts (assets)