Renderpartial Form With Values

Hello, I need help with understanding renderPartial. I have 2 tables:



When I create Payment I set amount and date, then I send values to Yearly and divide amount etc etc…

When I update Payment I want to get form from Yearly update. Now I have:

But I don’t know how to get proper values in my form. Yearly update form should be:

I don’t know how should I get values from right model etc …


<?php echo $this->renderPartial('_form', array('model'=>$model)); 

echo $this->renderPartial('//yearly/_form4up',array('model'=>new Yearly));


Seems that you are creating a new model for Yearly try as





$Yearly=new Yearly;


echo $this->renderPartial('//yearly/_form4up',array('model'=>$Yearly));

In other words, you are not using saved data but creating a new instance of Yearly model.

Yup it works. Now I’m not sure how I can do some stuff like:

  • I have now in 1 form two save buttons. Can I do something about it ??

  • If I want to set new value for my yearly in 1 form with payment, I should send it from Payment controller ?

What I think is that you are trying to save relative or related model values.

Payment is main model and Yearly is a related or child model having related records about payment.

So, in your controller, you need to do it as







Same with editing/updating records.

I’m not sure what i am doing wrong but I get ‘Undefined index: Yearly’ error when I try to save value in Payment.

You need to debug first what your Yearly form posts i.e. How this form fields are managed in html.

try to do

echo '<pre>'


echo '</pre>';

and check the index of Yearly data