Rendering inidvidual index

Hi guys, as U can see at my attachement ‘Grid.jpg’ I have nine possibilities to show records of database. If I select, for instance ninth -as at my attachement- and gonna call view method of Controller, view will be loaded. But rendering back of view to index like this:

 	$model->id], ['class' => 'btn btn-success ']) ?>

, I won’t see ninth possibility any more, but first one. Any ideas, how to render preselected possibility of showing records, again?

If you want to return to your previous grid-page (9), you will have to use pjax or you need to save and restore the page maybe like this:

I use pjax in order to get preselected records. As it seems, ur link will solve my problem. Thx for this.

Gave U reputation point for ur effort helping me. Bye !