Rendering a Static Page in Yii that resides in the Current Theme's Views

[font="Arial,"][size="4"]Ok I have a controller class in Yii that I want to use a different view folder aside from using its default view folder.[/size][/font]

[font="Arial,"][size="4"]The natural behavior is when a $this->render("<view file>"); you would use the following to navigate your view file in the project…[/size][/font]

[indent]"//" navigates project default view folder

"/" navigates current theme view folder

or do not use anything to select a view automatically in the controller’s default view folder

[/indent][font=“Arial,”][size=“4”]but my problem is i’m not rendering a view file but a STATIC PAGE that resides in /pages folder of a certain view folder. The static page I want to navigate is a static page the resides in my current theme folder views but the default is the controller navigates the static page inside the /protected/viewfolder[/size][/font]

[font=“Arial,”][size=“4”]I tried also this override to modify the controller’s view folder. I put this code in my controller that I want to render static pages in a theme folder[/size][/font]

[color="#00008B"]public[/color] [color="#00008B"]function[/color] init(){

&#036;this-&gt;layout = [color=&quot;#800000&quot;]&quot;//layouts/script&quot;[/color];

&#036;this-&gt;viewPath = [color=&quot;#800000&quot;]&quot;/js&quot;[/color];


[font="Arial,"][size="4"]but the problem is the viewPath is readOnly variable.[/size][/font]

[indent][size=“5”]Now my question is how I can render static pages that resides in my current theme’s view folders?[/size]