renderAjax without jquery

Hello i am fairly new to yii.
I am trying to load a junction table with extra fields as a Pjax enclosed Gridview that opens forms on update and create.
I have the following cases depending on the way i render actions:

  • With renderPartial() the PJAX functionality works seamlessly. I can update, create and delete and index the rows without redirects. The problem here is that widgets inside the forms won’t have their jscript assets registered, so these don’t work.
  • With renderAjax() the PJAX functionality works only once. From index towards create or update. Then i get ‘jQuery(…).yiiActiveForm is not a function’ because jquery gets registered twice and nothing works anymore. Widgets work as they should as their jscripts are registered properly.

Is there a way over this? Can i declare widget scripts on renderPartial()? Can I “deregister” jquery on renderAjax()?

Hi @mekios, welcome to the forum.

I think you have to share your relevant code in order to explain what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve.