Render View File From Another Model View


I’ve encountered a bizarre problem referencing views from another model where in one version of the App it works fine and then in another it doesn’t.

The code is very basic, in the "view" view of modelA, I have included:


The modelB/index then has a ListView as follows:-

$this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(




I don’t get an error, just blank/nothing/nada.

Then, if I change the view reference to ‘application.views.modelB.index’ it works OK.

It seems as though the renderPartial is failing, but it doesn’t return an error. And yes, there is data in the $modelBs variable.

However, in another version of the App from a few weeks ago it works just fine and I can’t see any major differences!

… it was a stupid error in the theme!