Renaming forum title


Is there a way to rename a forum topic title after creating? I made one, a few hours later I solved the issue, I want to rename it to [SOLVED] … Blabla.

I tried to find a way, but i couldn’t. :) Am I blind?

Use the FULL EDITOR mode on your post :)


PS: I had the same problem, I should get rid of my sun-glasses lol

Yeah thanks! :D

I already posted this in another topic… but will copy again here so that more users can read it

Changed mines… You are right…

Nevertheless, maybe there should be a web section or a forum section (hints or code snippets or whatever) where people can browse:




Also edited by programmers (like wiki) and moderated (like forum) so posts with misstype problems aren’t included but only those with real world problems (workarounds, creative actions, proper use of objects in a specific problem)

where people could have a look and browse. This way, people will stop doing the SOLVE form title. They do that , because whey want to help others that may have the same problem.


For that we have the wiki… we just need more wiki authors to write articles about how they solved a problems (with the help from the forum :) )

As for the [SOLVED] in title, it’s not so intuitive to find a way to add it… so not many users will use that…and those that want to mark a thread SOLVED do that because they saw it on another thread ;)

Okay, I stop doing this. :) // - I changed back the topics’ titles.

It’s just a cool feeling I’ve “finished” something, like crossing out an item on a papered TODO list.

Today I was looking for a solution: this, this and this was leading to the same end.

While we are on this… szako have you noticed that you are posting on some very old threads… like this one… it’s from 2009…

Nope, didn’t notice that, truly.

It was in the results when I was looking for my problem and was placed in the 1.1.x section so I thought I’d insert the solution to the end.

I tend to like the [Solved] idea.

The trick is:

Do not re-open a solved topic.

Why would you?

For maximum attention, create your very own topic, instead of adding to an existing one.

Just my two cents.

It all depends… why would someone open a new thread if it’s similar or continuing on a solution of another thread… there are many threads marked as [SOLVED] that was discussed later…

And your thinking that a new thread will have more attention is not right… why do you think that?.. why would a new question had more attention than any other… all new posts are shown on the top and marked as threads with new posts… at least I tend to check all new posts regardless if the thread is new or not…

And it would not be helpful to have many threads with same/similar questions… on that we all agree as we all tend to replay with a link to "similar" threads…

IMO - and I am hereby acknowledging your preference - I often find that people think they have the same problem, but they don’t.

And it’s confusing (to me) having several slightly different issues in the same topic.

That depends on the topic, of course.

Personally, I prefer a new topic for a new question, unless its a continuation of a discussion. In which case it would be silly to kick off a new topic.

I don’t really have an issue with this, and I guess we can safely stop marking topics as solved.

But, still: people should be careful about hi-jacking topics and claiming that they have the same issue. Maybe they don’t?

But that’s another discussion, really. ;)

I agree with you jacmoe… in the end every users has his own preferences…