Rename YiiBase & Yii

I think that YiiBase & Yii names are not very representative (I got confused with this when I started with Yii)

I propose renaming them as SystemBase & System.

I don’t see reasons to do that. Yii and YiiBase it’s good for me.

That’s a matter of preference. No real reason to change these.

You can do it yourself…

extend Yii and call the class System :lol:

Actually if you go to the source code… Yii is blank class only extends YiiBase ;)

Yes, I know… I use "System" in my projects. Thanks anyway

I proposed this with a matter of learning of Yii, not of preference… But it’s right, simply I am sharing my custom improvements for Yii from my point of view

Actually if talking about that…

You must be sort of crazy if you want to use the long System…

I sometimes with it was calls Y or something… to type less :lol:

I can do it myself… but I want my app to be reusable… so I trying not to hack too much ::)

Actually samdark… maybe consider to short it even more?

I so glad that the translation is Yii::t , just love the short names…

inmo It is more explicit than Yii. I really believe in self-explanatory code, and I pay attention to these details.

You shouldn’t call “crazy” to the people that thinks different of you…

Sorry, I don’t understand… Why is this a hack? Why is my app not reusable?

don’t take the “crazy” hard, it was said as a joke :lol:

Not reusable because you can not take the code from the app that uses Y::app()->… to one where it is Yii::app()->…

I use a custom project template for all my projects, with the following pattern:

So in my projects I have no problem; but you’re right, it wouldn’t be reusable outside my projects.

All of Cool…