Rename defaultController to defaultRoute (CWebApplication)

I set the default module in config…

'modules' => array('someModule'),

'defaultController' => 'someModule', //wtf?..sorry)

Er, wut?

Controller doesn’t really map one to one for routes.

I am not sure if you understand what the question is, to be honest.

You haven’t set any ‘default module’.

You have declared a module, and then you are trying to set a default controller and it should look like this:

‘someModule/someController’ if you want a controller for ‘someModule’ to be the default.

Renaming defaultController to defaultRoute is a good idea. But not because:

And because this is really the route you specify the full. For example:



In general, it would be great if it were a new functionality to define default params. For example:


Maybe this is better,


But I do so…

class PageController extends CController


    public function actionView($id = null)


       if($id === null)

           $id = 'about';