Rename asset files

Hi, I couldn't find it… but is there a way to rename a file which will be asset?

The situation is: I have a common folder to store files which comes from admin modules.

So, i prefix them something like this: salaimprensa-2-Por-do-sol.jpg <module>-<id>-<file_name>.

Well, the only inconvenience is this:…ssets/a3e6bc34/salaimprensa-3-Ebook_-Livro-_Pai_Rico_Pai_Pobre.pdf

no existing way…but why you want to prefix it?

Just because they are stored in a different format.


I have stored in DB only <file_name>.<extension>. The other parts it's placed in the script.

When published() they are showed all parts:


And I only want the final user to see:


My situation needs this feature.

It would be nice the publish() method have a optional param called publish($alternativeName=‘someName’);

I don't understand why you want to publish these files…It seems to me these files are something like attachments. You should use some script to send the files to end-users, instead of using asset publishing which is really not for this purpose.

Well, I did it already.

Maybe I’m confused the purpose of assets files.  ???

I'm confused too…