Removing <br> form radioButtonList output

I am using

	<?php  echo $form->labelEx($memberdetails,'gender'); ?>

	<?php  echo $form->radioButtonList($memberdetails,'gender',array(1=>'Male',2=>'Female')); ?>

	<?php  echo $form->error($memberdetails,'gender'); ?>

<div class="row">

	<label for="Details_gender">Gender</label>	<input type="hidden" name="Details[gender]" value="" id="ytDetails_gender"><input type="radio" name="Details[gender]" value="1" id="Details_gender_0"> <label for="Details_gender_0">Male</label>


<input type="radio" name="Details[gender]" value="2" id="Details_gender_1"> <label for="Details_gender_1">Female</label>		


I do not want the <br> tag to come but I want both of them to be in the same line

How Can I achieve this?

check the documentation for the radioButtonList -

The htmlOptions parameter has additional options like "template" and "separator"… if not defined the default separator is "br"

Hello visit this cheers

it is dirty solution, but if you don’t know you always can use str_replace ;)

just did it today with dropDownList to cut out the \n

You can use separator of html options

echo $form->radioButtonList($model,‘radioname’, $model->getradioarray(),

						array( 'labelOptions'=&gt;array('style'=&gt;'display:inline;width:150px;'), 'template'=&gt;&quot;{input} {label}&quot;, [b]'separator'=&gt;'&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;'[/b]));

If you don’t want the <br/> tag in between radio items, you can use the separator option.

eg. -

echo $form->radioButtonList($memberdetails,'gender',


This way the seperator will render as an empty string.