Remove regular expressions from URL

Now url manager work with regular expressions:





But, … php is variant. We do not care about type of var. We just need to know var name.





Regular expression has a big use in the url manager when you need to build complex urls, an example when creating SEO urls. Your url might be

you may only need the 234 as that is the id (imagine this is a crud controller). Regex is a valuable tool here for parsing such things.

I agree with Jaggi.

If sensorario’s proposition is to be implemented, it could be in the form of a default regex (something like this: “.+?(?=/|$)”) for rules without one.

Moreover, regexps are not the fastest thing on earth.

not the slowest either

I completely agree that regex definitions in the url rules should be kept. They have a fundamental role in the rules.

But Yii is a "high performance framework" not a "not so slow framework"…

With opinions like that, it could easily turn into a “no features framework” as well ;)

With opinions like that, it’s a “no slow features framework” ;)