Remove items from dropdownlist after created


actually i have a dropdownlist with some items, and i want when i created something by selecting from dropdownlist , the second time that items will be not in the dropdownlist,

in a easy word, only that items will be appeared in the dropdownlist that are not been used yet.

i know it is very easy for you gys, but i cannt figure it out,

please can any one help me ?

Thanks alot in advance. :slight_smile:


Hello tanimgt,

if the "second time" thing means that a user can run through the drop down list and select different items of the list, there are two solutions that comes into my mind:

Normally this problem is solved with a multi-select drop down list (merely from the HTML/markup point of view)

as the user needs to know what he previously clicked

Another solution would be to use a normal single dropdown list and handle it via js, record the selection from the user, remove it from the menu, and add it on both a list for user knowledge and a hidden input field.

but that’s another story.

Hope this helps you.

PS: the multi select can be achieved using the $htmlOption field

I am very sorry brother, i really cannt understand your advice, can you try out some demo ? Again, many many thanks


For more simplycity , i describe my problem more widely,

Suppose i have a dropdownlist with some items (lets say some name of fruits),

The application of the dropdownlist is , only one fruit can be selected once by one person,

Thats, when one person comes and select one fruit (say, mango), then mango was selected and it will not be available for any one person again,

and mango should be deleted from the dropdownlist.

Another person comes and select another fruit (say banana), the banana is selected by that person, and should not be in the dropdownlist for any other person, and should be deleted.

And this is what i exactly want.