Remove Class Prefix For Gsoapserveraction


I’m using extension GSoapServerAction for making a server function.

The issue is for calling this webservice.

I don’t want call with prefix class but with this: $client->call(‘ProcessRequest’, array($sXml,’’));

I try to modify class GWsdlGenerator in removing $className.".". but it still doesn’t work.

$server->register($className.".".$name, $request, $response, false, false, ‘rpc’, ‘encoded’, $cmt, ‘’);

Here is his my class

class WebServController extends Controller



	 * Declares class-based actions.


	public function actions()


		return array(


                            'class'    => 'ext.GWebService.GSoapServerAction',

                            //'class' => 'CWebServiceAction',






        * @param string $sXml

        * @param string $sFilters

        * @return string Hello you !

        * @soap


       public function ProcessRequest($sXml,$sFilters="") {

Hope someone could help me because i need absolutely to remove the call with class prefix.

Thanks for your help