Remote Job For Exporting Reports To Pdf And Excel

This post is for implementing some features in the reporting module of web-based SaaS currently under development. Is it an offer for remote development. The details of the work follows:

  • Exporting the report(s) to pdf
  • Exporting them to excel
  • Emailing them
  • Printing them

When the user selects the feature to export the report to pdf or excel, a dialog would have to be presented to the user showing some options related to the report (mostly generic options, such as the paper size, export with row/column lines, and some more options), and then perform the exporting.

Printing just requires the pdf report to be opened directly in a new browser window.

The email feature requires creating a html form to contain email-related fields, such as the recipient, title, message body etc. The report itself is to included as an attachment in pdf. A generic report summary would have to be inserted in the message body.

There a 6 to 8 different kinds of reports. Each report can have different unique options. For example, some reports could be shown in two currencies. Some of the columns in the report can be hidden from the view, so while exporting these columns should not be generated.

All the options have already been implemented for the webpage view, so the Mysql statements are available.

The product is being developed with the Bootstrap CSS framework from Twitter. The developer needs to skilled in jQuery, and have a penchant for generating neat-looking and well-formatted report output. My preference is to use tcpdf and PHPExcel libraries for the task, though using other libraries can be discussed.

Please send me a private message to discuss further details.