RemindApp, beta version - Facebook Application


Application page (to vote and write a review :)):

Youtube how to use video:

The application is all developed by me. I need to improve it very much but I think it’s a good product for my Yii level :)

At the moment it works only on facebook, I will make a version with facebook connect and I will share that part :)

If you have some suggestions or critics, please gimme some feed back :)

Great… i’m testing it…

would be great if you share some of your Yii+facebook techniques :)

I will share the code that I used to auth the user, but I think it’s kinda dirty. But I will share :) in this way, someone will help me :)

Hi, do you have the code of this? I can help you clean it up!




this is awesome, good job!


I leave that project couse Facebook API is kinda crap.

They want to let you use only FBML and FBJS and their stuff putting too many limits to people that want to use framework/css/thems/ and other cusomized things.

I want to upgrade the project to yii 1.1.2 when I will have some freetime :)

Anyway, the bad thing is that no one used it and no one give some feed back to improve it :(

Well cause poeple use other apps from there phone or even hard paper ? :)

400millions of people on FB and i see people waisting time on stupid apps :P

they can use mine too :P


I’m working on Happy Hour project. This is a Facebook application.

I’m using the latest PHP-SDK, Opengrpah and Yii framework. I hope that i can share or discuss with everybody about Yii anf FB.

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