reload after delete

Hello there,

how to reload the page after delete record using TbButtonColumn ?


Thank you

Page should reload automatically after delete record. Isn’t it so?

Hello Fabrizio Caldarelli

Thank you for your answer, Yes you are right, the TbGridView is updated after the delete, but the rest of the page no,

my problem is I have an input that displays the number of rows.

after I delete, that number remains the same unless I reload the page.

It is a bit of long story why I need this input and not using the summaryText for exemple.


PS :

The TbGridView is called this way :



<my input is here>


   <div id="list_rows_file" >


    $this->renderPartial('_listrowfile', array('dataProvider' => $dataProvider,

        'show_list' => $show_list));



Thank you

You could attach your own js function to ‘click’ property of delete CButtonColumn.