Reliable and flexible developer/team needed


we are looking to bring in another team to our company with around 15-20h per week workflow (Remote work :wink:

This is a complex YII 1 and 2 setup with several servers and databases, including QA and production servers. YII is used for both back- and frontend applications, and the site(s) are constantly being improved with new features being added.

There is also a constant stream of updates and smaller tasks to be done. You need to have expertise with MySQL (reasonable enough to be able to tune some bottlenecks)

Anyone interested please feel free to get in touch, please introduce yourself shortly:

  • who you are
  • where you are from
  • your experience
  • what kind of availability you can offer
  • your financial expectations

thank you very much.


Hi there,

I would be glad to help you.
Sending you email with details. please check.

Lauren W.

Job has been finised!