Release candidate of the first, stable yii-shop extension

Hi everyone,

for the last year, the yii-shop was just a technical demonstration.

However, the codebase has matured and i want to present you a release Candidate of a first,

stable Version (0.7) of the extension.


  • Server-side Shopping cart via Session

  • Products

  • Customizable Product specifications (weight, color, material, size, …)

  • Customizable Variations (product t-shirt, variation: red, blue, yellow; small, medium, huge)

  • Tax system (7%, 19%, …) VAT

  • Customizable shipping methods

  • Customizable payment methods

  • Generate Invoice and Delivery slip automatically with good template, can be customized to fit your

    company needs

  • 100% Translated to english, german

The documentation is included in the docs/ directory of the package. It should be installed in

under 5 minutes by the average Yii user.

Please give this extension a try, and give feedback to the google code repository issue tracker, thanks!



Thanks for sharing!

Thats a great extension and a lot of people will benefit from it

got a +1 from me

Almost everyone wants an e-shop included in his site.

+1 from me

I cannot find sqlite Schema.

I’ve tried to run /path/to/app/shop/install but get the following error

More info here:

Is this project still in development?

Is there a way to create a forum for yiishop under extensions?? I’m finding lots of info in various areas, and it would be nice if there was a yiishop forum like there is one for the Agile Yii book!!

I’ve got yii-shop up and running in my development site, but need to get things connected to my RBAM and user models/modules. I started out with a setup from Agile Yii, and added RBAM to manage roles and assignments, but it sure would be nice to have some guides on hooking yii-shop into stuff.

If a user is currently logged into the site, shop captures the user_id in the shop_customer tbl - pretty nice.

But if just a guest (not logged in) the register process isn’t hooked into creating an account for the site.

Guess I’ve just dive into the code for now, but any leads would be appreciated.

Hi any new releases on this. It been more than 10 months since it has been updated. Whether still the project is continuing?

While I am around for some time already I can’t post comment in extension category so I write here because so far I am only one who voted it down. Reason is simple, I hate mysql, I love yii. If you will see demos from yii, they all use sqlite. Why you write code like this?

$sql = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ".$specificationTable." ( id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,

title varchar(255) NOT NULL,

input_type enum(‘none’, ‘select’,‘textfield’,‘image’)

NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘select’,required tinyint(1),PRIMARY KEY (id) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ;";


Just for your information yii has command createTable()

Let say I have web hosting with php 5.3 and sqlite but no mysql database. I can use yii easy with no problems, but I can’t even run installer for your module.

I think it’s a very good extension but need to be developed more seriously.

Can you produce something better? instead of showing us your knowledge in this forum, demonstrate it. Be constructive instead of being destructive.

YII is a new framework and it is doing well, people like the creator of this module makes things simpler for others. This is a special thanks from me to the creator of the module.

Hi thyseus,

Is there any way for creating packages of multiple products in yiishop ?

Hi …

Is this great project still alive ?? Amazing , in only 379kB full functional webshop…

any reason why you didn’t update the Github repo?