Relation Search Fail With Oracle

I have a File table ,and a Admin table.

and the relation of Admin model is :

public function relations()


	// NOTE: you may need to adjust the relation name and the related

	// class name for the relations automatically generated below.

	return array(

		'Admin' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'ADMIN', 'ADMIN_ID') 



it means every file is created by a admin.

in my admin table I have a name column beside username and password.

and i want to search file by the administrator’s name.

so I follow the step on Searching and sorting by related model in CGridView

it is a great toturial.

but it fail with CDbCommand can not excute SQL statement: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 904 OCIStmtExecute: ORA-00904: "ADMIN"."NAME": Identifier is invalid

(ext\pdo_oci\oci_statement.c:148). The SQL statement executed was: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT "t"."FILE_ID") FROM "HOUSE_FILE" "t" LEFT OUTER JOIN "HOUSE_ADMIN" "Admin" ON ("t"."ADMIN_ID"="Admin"."ADMIN_ID") WHERE (Admin.NAME LIKE :ycp0)

I think it is caused by the oracle database,

oracle take all table name and table alas name without Double quotes as upper case.

so it take Admin.NAME as ADMIN.NAME , but the Alias is "HOUSE_ADMIN" "Admin" "Admin",

consequently, it said "ADMIN"."NAME": Identifier is invalid.

I know the cause, and I know this issue can be fixed by add double quotes to Admin in Admin.NAME , unfortunately I do not how to add.

If somebody can help me ,I am so gratitude.

Yes ,I find out the solution!

just add these code which render the table name and column name with double quotation in the beginning of CDbCriteria compare function .

$column_split_array = explode('.', $column);

		if(count($column_split_array) > 1)


			foreach ($column_split_array as $key => $column_split) {

			 	$column_split_array[$key] = '"'.$column_split.'"';


			$column =  implode('.', $column_split_array);


I’m so sorry if my bad english… can you show me the complete code in search function please, because I have same problem and I don’t know where that code must be placed. I got error message that I don’t have $column… help me please…

In order to avoid oracle problems, try not to use Upper case in your db script (transform them to lower case) by using sql developper.

exemple :

if you have a table called ADMIN rename it "admin". Same thing for the attributs of you table. For exemple if you have USER_NAME in ADMIN table transform it to "user_name". dont forget to use the [color="#FF0000"]" "[/color].