Relation Required Fields

This is the table structure I am using. ( The issue I am having is that I am unable to require only home phone, instead due to the way it is setup, it requires all phone fields if I put ‘phone’ in my rules. How would I get it to only require ‘home’ or any other specific phone fields I want to require?

Most relations issue should be able to solve in

So you can add "condition"=>"phone_field_id=1" in relations array to return all home phone.

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Hi blupointmedia.

The rules apply to model’s attributes only by the model’s validate() method usually called by save(). In fact, how can one check a rule on the related table when there are not yet records in both tables?

You can try different approuch. Foe example, if you provide a composite form containing person’s data together with telephone numbers, your controller can check the presence (or absence) of home telephone number.