Relation Between Models And Display In Cgridview

table 1


bl_no PK



table 2






1 loader = has many cargo


= get the sum of cargo.awb_cbm and cargo.awb_value

= after that, display the following in cgridview


| bl_no | bl_value | sum(cargo.awb_value) | Net |


| DD142 | 5000     | 3000                 | 200 |


same thing in CBM, get the diffrence of the loader.bl_cbm and cargo.awb_cbm

i use this query and im success to get all i need


        (SELECT SUM(b.cbm) as ccbm FROM cargo b

    	   WHERE b.bl_no = a.bl_no

        ) as cbm_difference,

        (SELECT SUM(b.awb_value) as selling FROM cargo b

    	WHERE b.bl_no = a.bl_no) NET

FROM loader a

my problem is:

i dont now how to make a function that can query and display in cgridview, i dont know if this is right?

my relation model

Model : loader


public function relations()



		return array(

                          "x" => array(self::HAS_MANY, "cargo", "bl_no",),





please anyone can help T_T… im tired to find out

thanks in advance, sorry for my english low…

Reinhard Navarro

First of all CGridView uses DataProviders, so you can put your SQL code into a CSQLDataProvider object and the use it (filter, etc)

On the other hand you cannot create relations to SQL code.

If you need to calculate some children fields you might need CActiveRecord::STAT queries/relations.

Hope this helps.

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