Relating 3 models

Hi, I got 3 tables , table A with a primary key, Table B with a primary key. table C Linking table A and Table B primary key… How i relate this in relation ?

Read more about Relational AR in the guide.

If still without a clue, be more specific about the table structure and your use case.

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Hi Tommy,

Have gone thru that. but could not implement the same.

Table User

Id - PK


Table Group

Id - PK


Table User_Group

Id- PK

user_id - FK - Table A

group_id - FK - Table B

Now my Relation will be

‘User_Group’ => array(self::HAS_ONE, ‘user_Group’, ‘user_id’, ‘joinType’=>‘INNER JOIN’),

How to get the the group name on loadmodel.


This looks to me like a MANY_MANY relationship.

If you declared relationships in the database (assuming mysql/innodb) and subsequently generated crud, you should be able to lazy load and access using something like $user->groups->Name.

Here’s an extension you may want to check out



I have used mysql innodb and defined all foreign keys and primary as u mentioned. And created crud using Gii.

Its showing Property "User.groups" is not defined.


Take a closer look at the relations() method in User.php. It might be something like "user_group".



Nope that doesnt seem like an issue, I tried the following,

$modelUser = $this->loadModel($id); in view action and passed it on to render action

$this->render(‘view’, array(

        'modelUser' => $modelUser,


in view when i try to <?php print_r($modelUser); ?> it dislpays all the info,

but when i try to do <?php print_r($modelUser->user_group); ?> it shows error.

I think i need to create a mysql view joining 3 tables and pass on the view table to model to display information…



Please look up (in User.php method relations) the actual name of the expected Gii created relationship, as I suggested.


Thanks for your time, but that doesnt seem to be a problem. Sorry m a newbie, may i know

  1. Does Yii support views

  2. Do i need to define a relation like

‘User_Group’ => array(self::HAS_ONE, ‘user_Group’, ‘user_id’, ‘joinType’=>‘INNER JOIN’),

‘group’ => array(self::HAS_ONE, ‘Group’, user_group(‘id’)),

Let me know if i am wrong.

Thank You.

Since you don’t answer my question, and seemingly are reluctant to establishing a point of reference with regard to existing code and db structure, let’s wait for somebody else to help you out. Possibly you will have to elaborate a bit about your use case. I’ll rest my case.

BTW As far as I know, some people use db views. You should be able to find existing threads discussing that topic.


Hi Tri,

Sorry for that, due to the rules and regulations of my firm, i cant share any code or db structure. Right now i created a view and assigned a primary key and gridView is working fine. thanks for your help… will keep you posted if anything else comes up… :) :)