Registerscript For Two Different Scripts For A Grid Editable

I’m trying to implement a grid editable. I’m using this code that is working for one column but not with two columns.

For the event, I use this script with the function registerscript:


	$("a[class^=editable-]").editable("'.$this->createUrl('user/status').'", {

		submitdata : function (value,settings){

						return {"User[id]":$(this).attr("class").substr("9"),};


        indicator : "Saving...",

        tooltip   : "Click to edit...",

        type : "select",

        data   : "{\'1\':\'Active\',\'0\':\'Inactive\'}",

        submit   : "OK",

        name : "User[status]"



I create other script for the other column but only recognize one of the scripts.

Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('status2',' .... 

How can I use two scripts one for each column?

the url with the complete example is this: