Regarding Modules

Couple of quick questions:

  1. How can I retrieve the ID of the current module? i.e. like you can do Yii::app()->controller->id to get the controller id. There does not seem to be a Yii::app()->module->id equivalent.

  2. How can I reference a view file that exists in another module? I.e in ‘member/views/enquiry/create.php’ file I want to use ‘renderPartial’ to reference the view ‘_form’ that exists in ‘admin/views/enquiry’.

  1. you should know, which module you are "in"

  2. renderPartial(’/admin/views/enquiry’);

Yii::app()->controller->module->id. Or inside a controller: $this->module->id. There can be several modules loaded at once, so you have to "ask" a controller, which module it belongs to.

Thanks guys.

Yii::app()->controller->module->id works for me (I am doing the check in the model).

But renderPartial(’/admin/views/enquiry/_form’); does not work, it says it cannot find the view.

@gstar, I’d love to know the answer to your second question re: rendering another modules view. I’ve asked the similar question here. If you do find an answer it would be great if you could post your solution.



What’s about renderPartial(‘admin.views.enquiry._form’)? Check the path twice.

Lol that has actually worked! Thank you!

This works both in model, controller and view