Regarding Form submission

Hi Everyone,

I am newbie to YII framework. I created a table and then created a MODEL using GII. Next I created CRUD operations. But the problem is, I just want to display few fields and for remaining fields I would like to write some logic and default values. I am not understanding how to do it?

Could anyone please help me with this?

Thank you in advance.



NOTE: Moved to proper section… please pay attention on where to post…

As for your problem… for the fields you don’t want to have an input… just delete the input from the view.php… and in the controller after $model=new <yourmodel>;

assign the default values you need… like:

$model=new <yourmodel>;

$model->attribute1=<your default value>;

$model->attribute2=<your default value>;

Thank you… I will post in the right place from now on.