refresh after delate action

hello all,

I’m experiencing wired behavior with CRUD generated pages,

After deleting a record via the delete link on admin page, the deleted record is still displayed after reloading the page.

I need to force empty cache on my browser to see it disapear.

Is there a Yii method to force it when rendering the admin page ?

thanks for your help

piece of code genrated by crud command :

protected function processAdminCommand()  {  if(isset($_POST['command'], $_POST['id']) && $_POST['command']==='delete')  {   $this->loadtag($_POST['id'])->delete();   // reload the current page to avoid duplicated delete actions   $this->refresh();  } }

I think that you have enabled cache on server or in your browser couse for me ( last version of FF ) when I delete something and than perform the refresh() method, I don’t see the old record :)

yes StErMi you’re right :)

I’ve check in my /protected/config/main file but nothing about cache disabling.

for sure, I can disable my browser cache and see the correct display of my records

and ask my app users to do so, but I thought there was a yii feature to do it instead. :unsure:

besides, it has another side effect such which is a low loading of the calendar widget.

The problem may well be in your HTML headers, check those.

Everything on Yii is on default? Anyway I was talking about something like in the Yii config, html header ( for cache ) or some config on the web server.

Don’t know man. I know that in a “virgin” webserver, with Yii it works well :)