ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

Hello everyone.

I have problems starting yii2.

I just installed via composer and the firebug identified the following error:

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

}); (JQuery);

yii.js (line 412, col 1).

One would see what could help me.

Any 404s?

Hello Patrick,

There does not have 404, opens the screen, some plain, as the screen print.

Looks like you’re missing CSS as well. Check your network, most likely .js and .css can’t be loaded.


I checked all considerations made, but the system loaded all css and js, what is happening is an error in the file "yii.js" he is giving an error at line 412.

Since upgraded my php to 5.6.25 is presented this error.

I do not know if has to do with something, or something is missing.

You’re loading jquery three times and for some reason bootstrap.css is loaded but not applied. Sorry, no idea what the issue is at the moment.

Check to see if "assets" folder exists and is writable.