Reducing Yii's built in JQuery script size

Hey guys,

Is there any way for us to reduce the size of jquery.min.js and tell Yii to use this new file instead of the 55KB jquery.min.js file? I know Yahoo’s tools can do the job of lightweighting but, how do I tell Yii to use this file?

I’m trying to improve the performance of my application by reducing the amount of http requests, css files, the size of css files and javascript.

I really appreciate any help!

By the way, one of my first websites made in Yii: It’s a website to show photos of events and it uses a pirate ship theme. It’s not totally finished yet, but its online

Sure, have you tried CClientScript::scriptMap?

Thanks, Pestaa…you’re the man!

Very usefull, haven’t seen this…please, just tell me something…is it possible to setup the scriptMap in /config/main.php (as dbConnection is setted) instead of doing in my layout views? If so, how should I write the code in the config file?


Thank you very much

It’s as simple as:





         ... describe aliases here ...




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Thank you very much, Pestaa (or maybe The Flash!!..heheh)


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Take it easy. :) You’re welcome.

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