Redirecting user to the specific action from any action if condition is not met

Dear All ,

Let us say I have 4 controllers and each controller has 4 actions .

After successful registration ,if user signs-in I take him to setAddress action . This is a mandatory step and I shouldn’t allow user to access any other actions until he sets his address . I am checking a condition( his address set or not) after he signs-in and taking him to the setAddress action .

But after sign in if user manually tries to access some other action I have to force him to setAddress action if his/her address is not set, Do I have to add that condition check in all controllers actions to force the user to the above mentioned setAddress action . This makes me to write that condition in 16 actions :( . I think there should be some thing easier .

Could some one please help me on this ?


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This sounds like a good application of access control filters and rules. You can create different roles for different levels of access. In your case, you’d have a basic role assigned when registration is complete, followed by a different role when setAddress is complete. Each controller would have to have the access control filter, etc. in place. If you wanted to get fancy, you could create a new base controller and extend it for any controller that you wanted to protect. You’d have to find a way of dynamically specifying the actions. This link looks interesting: Get Internal Actions of a Controller

Good luck.

Thank You bglee for your quick response , I am looking at componets\Controller.php class . May be some thing I should put here , something that gets executed before my controller action gets executed . But not finding the callback method that I have to put in this class .

If any one has any good approach or the code that helps me to put in the above Controller class


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Dear Bglee,

Here is the one I put in my componets/Controller class and this is helping . But not sure this is the good approach or not …

  protected function beforeAction($action) {

             if( !isset(Yii::app()->user->dbUser->address)&&$action->id !='setAddress'){



            return true;




Kiran, I like it. It probably performs better than the approach I suggested.