redirect with post?

My site based on yii is designed in this way

site controller

Module A

Module B

Users may submit a form to site controller with parameters posted.

and accordingly to the parameter, the site controller will dispatch to Module A or Module B to do further work.

Now, I am using

$this->redirect(array(’/ModuleA/Controller/Action’,‘para1’=>…, ‘para2’=>…);

if I understand yii correctly, it will actually generate a url with para1 and para2, which equivalent to the "get" method in form submitting. is it possible to make those parameters "post" to the module controller?

Thank you

Maybe CController::forward() method will help ?

I’m not sure though… since I started learning Yii only a few days ago :D

A redirect will be GET, you can’t redirect as a POST.

Depending on the complexity of the parameter I would use url rules to make sure it goes to the correct module.

Thanks! Forward works fine here.