Redirect Making Controller Action Being Called Twice


I found curious behavior within Yii. I was able to reproduce it in a very simple application. I just created a new app using webapp and added the following code to the SiteController:

    public function actionRedirectTest() {

        Yii::log('Entering reditectTest','warning');




    public function actionTarget() {

        Yii::log('Entering target','warning');



The target view is just this:

<p>Hello World</p>

When I write the url directly in the browser (http://localhost/test/index.php?r=site/redirectTest, I got the expected two messages in the log.

But when I open the url from an external app link (i.e. Excel or Word), I found that the message "Entering target" is shown twice. The same behavior was reproduced with Chrome, IE and Firefox.

¿Any idea how to avoid this?

Resolve it by adding the following line before the render:

$this->layout = ‘//layouts/login’;


[b]$this->layout = ‘//layouts/column1’;


Best Regards