Redirect From Widget ?

I was reading this forum post which says why redirecting from the widget is a bad MVC practice but may be good from the DRY point of view.

Forget for the moment, good or bad - the question is how do i actually redirect from a widget ?

This code:


yields the error:

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It should be


What does "site/confirmsubscription" mean?


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is not working…

site/confirmsubscription is the controller/action respectively.

the problem is, this widget is located on several controller induced pages.

So the widget may be accessed from any controller.

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Then the redirect method should be declared in the following way.


or additional Parameters should be appended like below.

$this->owner->redirect(array('site/confirmsubscription','id'=>$this->id));//or $model->id like so.

thanks for replying.

unfortunately that doesnt work ???

If i access the widget from a say another page say from user/login,

it redirects to /user/site/confirmsubscription instead of /site/confirmsubscription

resulting in a 404 error :unsure:

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I created a widget and put it inside the components folder.


class RedirectWidget extends CWidget


         public function run()






At any controller if I call the widget like below, it redirects to login page.


One more suggestion is to put a forward slash at the beginning.


ha that backslash did the trick :)

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like me, you too seem to be nocturnal :D

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