Redirect doesn't work in a static function

It’s a very strange behavior,

I have the index action in my SiteController :

public function actionIndex(){
  Installer::ManageInstall(); //Here I have separated code

Then in the static function of the class Installer:

class Installer {
  public static function ManageInstall(){  
          if(1=1){ //condition is a some condition to evaluate, to try I 
                               // put  1=1 
                 return  Yii::$app->controller->redirect(['install']);

The problem is that yii totally ignores the redirection,and I do not know why, never redirect.

I tried directly and it work’s :

public function actionIndex(){
   return  Yii::$app->controller->redirect(['install']);//Here works fine

You may ask, because I make this silly example, but in reality I have simplified code to the minimum just to show the problem. Actually the Installer class, redirects using another condition, which I have not put because it has nothing to do with the problem.

I tried with this expressions:

     Yii::$app->response->redirect(['install'])->send(); return;


 Yii::$app->controller->redirect('install'); //without Return statement

…and nothing