redirect and post value to the redirected page

Is there any method in yii2 to post value to a redirect page?

Before using yii2, i use a button that invoke this javascript function:

function postToUrl(url, params, newWindow)


    var form = $(document.createElement( 'form' ))

        .attr( {'method': 'post', 'action': url} );

	 if(newWindow){ form.attr('target', '_blank'); }


   $.each( params, function(key,value){			

       $.each( params instanceof Array? value : [value] ,function(i,val){									  


                .attr({ 'type': 'hidden', 'name': key, 'value': val })

                .appendTo( form );


    } );   

    form.appendTo( document.body ).submit();



in yii2 i try this in a controller

return $this->redirect(['/eprv2-perumahan-iklan/open'], [


                        'method' => 'post',                        


                            'noic' => $model->nokp,

                            'noicp' => $model->nokp_pasangan,




but on the redirected page, $post = Yii::$app->request->post() seem to be empty.

Please show me the correct way to do this in yii2?

How about storing in session?

I want to cover a situation where user open multiple instance of same page in different tab, i want each instance send unique value to each redirected page.

As far as i know session purpose is to store value across the application. Even if there is a way to store unique session value for each page, i dont think it is necessary to do so.

I just ask if there is a standard method in yii2 to $_POST data to a redirected page. If there are none, then i prefer to use $_GET or try implement the javascript code manually instead of using session.