Redactorjs Login To Support Area

Since we have OEM license for all Yii developers, can anyone of us know login and password to access Imperavi Office for raising support tickects? Or is it limited to only a person that has actually bought a this license (samdark?)?

They have a very common (happens in nearly every JS-based editior) yet very ugly bug. They’re registering right Alt button as a standard shortcut button (very stupid and useless, yet again very common pratice). This provents non-English users from entering national characters.

EDIT: [color="#222222"][font=“arial”][size=“2”]For example: I can’t enter Polish letter “ł”, because standard, system-wide combination for entering it (Right Alt + l) turns out to be enabling / disabling upper script in Redactor. I can’t enter “ż” letter, because Right Alt + z turn out to act like Ctrl + z and thus is executing Undo operation instead.[/size][/font][/color]

I would like to rise a ticket to fix this ASAP, as it actually prevents using RedactorJS on non-English keyboards. (issue reported to Imperavi)

So please, either make login/password to their support area public, or please, rise such ticket, anyone who has access there. (issue reported to Imperavi) Thanks!