Redactor 2.0 OEM license?


For Yii2 apparently the Yii community bought an OEM license for Redactor 1.0. Now that Redactor 2.0 is out, are there plans for purchasing a license 2.0 and releasing a widget for it?


Nope. No such plans. Also I don’t think there will be OEM license available this time.

There is still OEM license:

I see. Well, old license doesn’t apply so in order to get the same thing for second version it should be purchased.

Is this perhaps why I can’t install redactor?

Can someone from Yii Software organize a crowdfunded collection to gather funds to purchase the OEM license? It’s only $1495. If you put an announcement on the home page, I bet you can easily find 100 people/organizations to pay $14.95.

Yes, count me in.

Could be done but I don’t want to manage it this time since I’m not using redactor myself and in order to update it I have to log in, download zip, unpack, commit, write changelog etc. Maintenance burden…