Recruiting New Team Members

As Yii is getting more and more popular, we are seeking new members to join our team to help make Yii better and better. We have many interesting things to do, and we are awaiting the talented to join us and realize them.

In general, we are looking to recruit one to three new members who meet the following requirements and have the desired skills:


  • Passion and enough time to contribute to Yii

  • Willing to do tedious work, such as writing documentation, writing tests, answering forum posts, etc.

  • Extensive and practical experience using Yii

Desired Skills (not required though)

  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Good writing in English

  • Artistic design

Depending on your availability and preference, you may work on the following tasks:

  • core framework development

  • the official extension library

  • documentation

  • tests

  • project site development

  • release management

  • forum moderation

Please note, these are volunteer work. There is no monetary compensation or whatever. What you will get are: appreciation and fame, sharpened skills, and potential opportunity to collaborate on commercial projects.

If you are interested, please send email to me with the following information:

  • Your name and forum ID

  • Residence and most fluent languages

  • Education background

  • Past experience

  • Skill set

  • Work you intend to do for Yii

I may not reply to you in time since I would need to gather as many applications as possible before making decisions. Thanks.

I really want to be part of the team, but I have no enough time (nor even I have no enough skills) but some day i’ll become an expert in Yii (I hope this, cause I love this framework).

P.S.: Congratulation to those who will become part of the team!

Will it be possible to join the team in future? I really eager to help the development, but now I have a big project (that I do with Yii… will share in the Yii-powered applications for sure), thus have no enoght time to do extras.

I’d like to maintain:

  • Official extensions library,

  • Documentation,

  • Project site development

  • Moderation (maybe).

Yii became my beloved framework, therefore I’m applying.


  • Russian (native-speaker)

  • English (advanced knowledge). I’m good at writing and reading, but not very confident in my speaking skills (however, it wasn’t needed) and listening comprehansion is not perfect.

I think I’ll be ready to work just in two months :( Maybe less, maybe more - I do not know at the moment.

Thank you for consideration.

I’d like to, but like WebShark, I don’t have much time right now. Except for me it’s because of college… Summers will be better…

I’d be willing to help in these areas however when I can:

  • the official extension library

  • documentation

  • project site development

  • forum moderation

I’d stay a way from touching the core right now due to my time limitations… I’d especially enjoy working on the official extension library. I may send an “official” email to you soon (if I don’t, feel free to contact me anyways)

I put in an application. Mainly I’d be good at documentation, forums, testing and hopefully making efficient code to work on official extensions.

I wouldn’t dream of touching the core for I’m not that experienced with programming however maybe understand the hood with the pros I might learn my way around to be daring enough to go down that road.

If the email is long and jumbled, let me know I can always send you the word document of it.

Thanks and good luck

Email sent.

You’re very good at managing things. Perfect timing to get community involved.

Thank you all for willing to join the team and help to grow up Yii!

Don’t worry that you do not get any reply from us. We are reading your applications very carefully. At this moment, we are not replying to any application yet since we want to wait for about a week and then determine the most appropriate ones from all applicants.

We would like to clarify something here:

  • While we do require you have enough time to contribute to Yii, this does NOT mean it is a full time position. In fact, we want every team member to feel the work you do for Yii is worthwhile and enjoyable. There is no strict requirement on how many hours you should spend in Yii. Depending on your personal schedule and availability, you may spend a couple of hours a week or more in Yii.

  • With the contribution from new members, we wish Yii would reach broader audience and grow faster. We will recruit more members in the future.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here. Thank you very much!

It would be nice to receive confirmation whether application has been got on your side. If I’m correct you have gmail account, and as far as I can remember I included the word ‘free’ in my message, so spam filters might have denied my e-mail. :) (Just kidding. ;) Still, even if you aren’t willing to share the list of candidates, I’d like to know if my e-mail is in your inbox.)

Furthermore, looking at the list of possible activities (7 ‘jobs’), I’m a bit worried if 1-3 new member will be able to carry up all of them within a ‘couple of hours a week’.

I’m not asking to extend the member count, just like to know whether all positions will be filled or not in this round, and which to-dos has the most priority in your point of view.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your suggestions. I just sent out a confirmation email to every applicant.

Regarding the number of team members, our policy is that we will only choose those who fit in the team. We are not recruiting members just to do the 7 jobs. I wish we can form a vibrant team, and team members can inspire each other, come up with brilliant ideas and implement them. I also wish being a Yii member is an enjoyable and valuable experience. The "couple of hours a week" only means each member has full control of his time allocation (anyway, this is volunteer work).

i would like, but sadly:

  1. still young at Yii, started week ago.

  2. have low time right now, working on huge project and using Yii.

but due to (2) i will have some thoughts time from time, i’m think :)

Hello Qiang,

I’d like too. Like the other guys, I do not have much time, but like any other project the time will no be big problem. One or two daily hours for now I can give to this wonderful project.

Currently, I’m working in a alternate project for Yii (I called it: Kimbaya), it’s an IDE for develop applications with Yii. I think both projects could complement very well.

I’ve been working with Yii since version 1.0.1.

I have 6 years in PHP development.


  • English: Very good.

  • Spanish: Native.

I can work in any of the asked tasks:

  • core framework development

  • the official extension library

  • documentation

  • tests

  • project site development

  • release management

  • forum moderation

Greetings and best regards.

Ricardo Obregón

offtop: saw Kimbaya on google code some months ago. How is the progress?

I wish I had more time and experience in PHP programming. Then I could contribute more actively in the Yii framework project. Good luck to those chosen!

I would like to point out that the documentation is a very very very important part of the project. Without documentation, a framework should go down the toilet. I’m very glad that I finally found a framework with quality documentation (although there is always room for improvement) after dealing with a couple other ones (Qiang, thanks for the pdf generated document from LaTeX!). For example, CakePHP, the last time I took a look at it, lacked good documentation, where CodeIgniter shined, because of its excellent documentation. However, none of the above were the winners for me, until I gave a try to Yii and I surely did not waste my time with it.

So, to sum up, a kind message to whoever is chosen for the documentation team: Create excellent documentation, create more examples of cases so that the beginner will grasp the basics of Yii even faster and keep it updated!

Oh… Did I mention that documentation is very important? :rolleyes:

Thanks for making me laugh, it sounded funny in my head. :) I agree.

Yes, creating an excellent documentation is really hard work, and I believe it cannot be done with only a few people. Of course they do the most part of it (typing, formatting, inserting examples), but many tiny bits of external advice are the key to an outstanding documentation.

So, depending on your availability, you can make the docs a better reading even if you are not part of the official team.


In general, I think Qiang has done a great job with the documentation. In each Yii release, the documentation is updated to reflect new features and API changes, which is great! It could use some more examples here and there (for example, AR could use more use cases, so that new users can understand it in less time), but I consider it of high quality as a whole.

I guess everyone’s opinion and ideas will be greatly considered for even better documentation, so let’s visit the issue queue each time we think something is missing from the docs. :)

I saw on Twitter that the new members are chosen. Congratulations to the new stuff!!! :D

Visit the about page to see who they are.

I have no enough skill. But I have time, and I really like to join team of YII , so Can I join ?

I’m using YII framework to build a huge project about payment gateway. Then I think I will I can work for Yii team