Receive the route as POST parameter?

Hi, I need to access an application made in Yii2 from an external software (not a web/html one) to retrieve/send some data. Calling the Yii2 actions using the standard route (setting a "r" variable with controller/action and all other values to send) works well if my request uses GET method.

However now I need to communicate using POST method on my request for simple text data sending and also to upload files. This won’t work because, now, the “r” route won’t be send as GET anymore. Is there a wasy to send the “r” route info as a POST parameter? Is there any other way to do it?

(Oh, setting “enablePrettyUrl” to true and using the request url in the “index.php/controller/action” won’t work as well - the “hidden” route seems to be sent as POST in this case too).

Thank you a lot :wink: