Reassigning Attributes After Form Submission

Hey all :)

I have a registration form that extends CActiveRecord and is based on a user table.  Validation is setup and working fine but I noticed in the code below that I cannot set $form->password to a value other than the one submitted on the form.

In this code, if the form validates, I'm trying to encrypt the password and assign it to $form->password, then save it to the database.  With the $form->password line commented out, a new user record is added to the database in plain text (for testing).  If I uncomment it (to store the encrypted password), the activation email goes out and the render occurs, but the insert to db silently fails.

I turned on logging with trace, etc., but I still can't see what's going on.

Any ideas?

	public function actionRegistration()


		$scriptSet = new ScriptSet;

		$scriptSet->loadSet('mainRegistration', null, 'ie', 1);


		$form = new User;








				$salt="<A Salt>"; //omitted

				$string = "$salt" . $_POST['User']['password'];


				$form->created   = new CDbExp​ression('NOW()');

				$form->modified  = new CDbExp​ression('NOW()');

				//$form->password = sha1($string);

				$form->lastIp   = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];



				// Send Activation email



				// Render success





		//Display initial registration page			



I'm no expert at all but try this;





as validation has already occured

Gah, yes indeed.

Thanks, ooaat :)