Realtime Continuous Check Status

I am wonder how to create an website that always realtime check the status. Take an example like Meebo, ebuddy, or facebook chat feature. From what I see, whenever somebody send a message to us, the message will displayed in our current webpage very soon. Just seems like the client webpage is sending request to web server every second to check the status in server. But I don’t think they are using this way.

What do you think? Are they using ajax? Or do they use another approach?

Hi junxiong,

I made a simple test with meeboo and firebug : well, (as I expected) a getEvent request is done periodically. I see no other way to do it, and would be very intresting in learning one ;)



I see… maybe that’s the only way I think…


It can be permanently opened HTTP connection also.

Here keywords you can google: http push, comet :)

Something like HTTP server push? I search in google and the first result is this :

That’s cool Miksir, I never heard it. Gotta learn more about this. Thank you… :)