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StErMi, as far as I’m concern we are not discussing a gap between two different RDBMSes here but the difference (gap) between using an older framework and switching to Yii with using the same RDBMS. Only this way you can correctly evaluate performance change between frameworks and that’s what this topic started from (though got a bit off-topic by the way! :])

This is a great site.

Yet another proof of the power of Yii

Is is open source?



may I ask you what the hardware setup for is? Is the website running on single server or over multiple servers?

Thank you for your answer!


Wow. Great performance!

Congratulation on your project!

wow, cool. B)

Nice to see the speed increase* even without memcache =)


Lol nice performance. Nothing in comparable to drupal lol :mellow:

Given that the core of Drupal is CMF, what sort of CMS do you use on yii? Any recommendation?

Great post Eric.

I’m in the same situation with a client project and it never occured to me that Yii could be an alternative to Drupal before I read your post and blog.

Tx for sharing.

Really nice performance with this load

xcellent work!!

Great website, good workmanship :).

Do you use any Yii extensions? For example the Yii-user extension to handle subscriptions and so or is it all custom work?

Good job


I’ve been on realself but didn’t know it was powered by Yii. It looks great and loads fast. Great work.

Hi Eric,

I read your experience with Yii and Drupal, i’m analysing CMS and other frameworks for an application I need to develop. At the begining it will be so small and with few users, but in a term of six months I expect huge amount of information and users and i’ll add an e-commerce features.

One thing is that i need the first version faster and not too expensive, what do you think about the learning curve for Yii in relation with cake or rails for example(because i know drupal learning curve is a little high)

The other thing is do you see in your experience, that the performance showed in many places about Yii is constant in time? i mean if my app scale that performace continues so good in relation with other frameworks?

Thanks a lot.

This is really amazing thinking that your site is using older version of Yii.

This is an awesome applications. Great work, i am very impressed.

How did you manage to come up with the SEO friendly URLs without the IDs.

I am asking because i need to get rid of the ids in my travel application eg

I appreciate your pointers.