Really Huge Assets Folder


Developing a website for the last one month using yii and am now really concerned with the huge size that the ‘Assets’ folder has already come to be on my local computer.

I am concerned that managing such a huge assets folder will be hard during deployment and if it continues to grow at such pace, my host will penalise me not to forget the time it would take to upload the site.

Take a look at its property snapshot:

Size: 56.6 MB

Contains: 4696 files & 1686 folders

In any case i would consider this website to be a small scale website.

How do I stop this time bomb folder from exploding ?


Oops nothing to do with yii design, seems like i posted under wrong category. Please move it under ‘general discussions’

You shouldn’t upload the assets folder. In fact you can safely delete the contents of that directory and the relevant assets will be recreated on demand.