Really Good Mailing Extension - Is There Any?


It seems MetaYii’s ‘mailer’ extension does not work with PHP 5.4.9/Yii 1.1.13RC any more. And it seems it’s not about magic quotes this time.

Simply speaking - when on PHP 5.4.9/Yii 1.1.13RC I get ‘success’ message but emails are not actually sent. Can anybody verify my findings???

It seems this extension should be updated asap, taking into account new PHP/Yii features as well as new PHPMailer version (5.2.2) -> HELLO MetaYii !!! Are you there???

So, the question is:

Can somebody here recommend a mailing extension really proven working with recent PHP releases?

Extension capable of sending complex emails with HTML, embedded images and attachments?

Or should I rather forget extensions and work with bare PHPMailer classes instead?

I would say… Lack of serious mailing support with Yii is confusing actually. Existing extensions are poorly maintained or underdeveloped. The ‘official’ extension library is full of junk 3 years old or even older. It really looks like some garbage collect is a must on this repository!

Best regards and please - advise asap!

I had used mail extension developed by [color=#1C2837][size=2]MetaYii in many sites,[/size][/color]

[color=#1C2837][size=2]as normal mailing as well as SMTP mail.[/size][/color]

[color=#1C2837][size=2]in all sites it working fine, so plz check if theres other mistake or misconfiguration…[/size][/color]

I also have a good experience with this extension form my previous projects. That’s why I wanted to use this extension! But now I updated PHP and framework and can’t get it working any more…

Ok, so seem you had good hands with ext, as you use [color=#1C2837][size=2]PHP 5.4.9 and RC release version Yii 1.1.13RC - so can’t guess about problem wheather its form extension or system used for extension.[/size][/color]



OK - I looked into Wireshark capture log and indeed - the message was sent but server refused. I do not know why actually as configuration data looks OK for me. I will try to clarify that with mail server admin.

Anyway - would be great if MetYii update his extension to nost recent PHPAdmin version and ensure PHP 5.4.9/Yii .1.1.13 compatibility…

Thanks You!

For that you just try with current extension SMTP mail with different mail setting…

and reply whats the result


Me stupid - while testing email I thrown just ‘dummy’ sender like ‘’ and now I found in Wireshark logs: “Sender address rejected: Domain not found.”

Never enough testing!



BTW - do you know how to implement PHPMailer callback action using this MetaYii’s extension ???

I can’t figure it out…


till haven’t use that…