REAL Yii Web Services Tutorial?


Is there a GOOD web services tutorial for yii? I read this one but it is really lame. It doesn’t even explain how http://hostname/path/to/index.php?r=stock/quote maps to public function getPrice($symbol). Whoever wrote it, might as well have not wasted their time. I tried it and it does not work at all.


When invited to a free lunch, don’t complain about the quality of the caviar.

that url does not map to getPrice at all… as the doc say

so that url should just give you the actual WSDL for the web service… if you don’t get that… check if you have the PHP SOAP service installed - (also mentioned on the tutorial as a NOTE)

To get to the getPrice method check the documentation under Consuming web service - http://www.yiiframew…ing-web-service

it’s by calling


that the method getPrice() is accessed.

It’s not really nice of you to attack at first sight… especially considering that the one that “wasted” his time on this, made it possible for you to get that for free… so the minimum you could do is to try to understand first what all this text is about… and then if you have any idea on how to improve the tutorial suggest it to the dev. team… on the other side if you don’t see how this works and can’t understand it… then there is this forum where you can politely ask for a clarification or help and for sure you will get some…

Thank you, I will check that.

Sorry for my comment.