Real Time Designer

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Hello everyone, this is my new work , is an RTD (Real Time Designer).

Your customer creates a design, and when submit it, your e-store receive a callback URL (like paypal ipns), then you can associate the new design to an existing order in your store.

the real time designer goal is to provide a tool to customers that need to proyect their idea. In many cases, the design created with the RTD (real time designer) is used as-is, and is sent directly to print machines.

As an example: You have a "Yard Signs" print store. Then you, as customer, creates your yard signs and submit the design. Inmmediatly, the webmaster or the print-manager guy takes the design and process it.

As other examples: Stores that sells Business Cards, tshirts, and so on.

enyoy it.

important note:

when products become more stabe it will be put on production, now is in beta state, and no limits and no payment are implemented, but will be applied.





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