real estate

New Website

Real estate

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Looks nice!

Very good Igor, congratulations…

Thanks :)

Please add google maps also , Good Work

Site is on new domain

could share the database schema if you dont mind am working on something similar to what you have done.

Awesome work i must say.

Really awesome work, very decent site with all the required field. It would be nice if you add Google map and direction overview. Also you can add pi chart for viewing the number of member visited and search particular area.

Very good Igor, congratulations…

Awesome work man…

Wow, this is awesome.

I have just started with Yii and very impressed.

Just wondering how you got on building it and how long your project took you?

Thanks very much,


Hi where can we find the source code of this application…

You can contact Igor for this…

Nice work…

Like it B)