Real Estate Portal Using Yii Framework

I have developed with my team a real estate portal which facilitates sellers to post there ads and buyers to send across the queries for the same.

It also provides other functionality like search, advanced search, tell a friend etc.

The url is

We have been working continuously on the same.

Very good my friend!! :D

looks nice,

+1 for this.

Quite nice…did you add in any modules/extension?

Looks nice…

do you put your source code on public repository?

Looks nice… good job. :)

glad to see u done this job amazingly…i m also working on realestate portal…i hope u ll help me through my works…especially how u made refine search…how u refined search result from a data provide thats already given?..anyway congrats …please reply…

Hi Mayank

Do you take up YII development work? Have a project - incase if you are interested. Send an email to me.