Ready to use Yii 2 CMS

At Big Brush Agency we love Yii and really want to give our contribution to the community. Big CMS is a open source Yii 2 application, with frontend and backend, ready for shared hosts. It is ready to use after installation but actually created as an development platform with features used in common web applications.

Big CMS is still being developed but is ready to be installed and played around with. It can be installed via composer and the console. A demo site has not been created yet, but will be available in the near future (i believe it is so easily installed that it kinda equals a basic demo site).

Github repo





A stable version of Big Cms has just been released. At the github repo you’ll find a guide on using the application and API documentation.

Github repo

Big Cms is installed through the console and ready to use out of the box.


I hope you’ll find it useful and productive :)