Read Wordpress cookies

Hello all,

I have been developing with yii framework for some time now, enjoying yii and getting better at it more and more everyday.

I also run a wordpress website setup on our company’s intranet (not for public)

In the WP root folder I have installed Mediawiki and "WPMU Single Sign-on" extension. With this extension, when user logs into WP, they also happen to be logged into Mediawiki, no other login form or user table required.

hxxp://<internal address> -> WP site with a link to wiki

hxxp://<internal address>/wiki -> Mediawiki site

After user logs into WP site, if they need to wiki stuff, they click the wiki link on the WP main page and they have the same username on Mediawiki, etc.

Now I want to bring my yii application in this setup. For now I have <WP root folder>/yii as framework and <WP root folder>/apps as my application. The application works with its own user table and login process.

The question is: Can Yii read WP cookies? Can I implement "WPMU Single Sign-on" functionality with my Yii application?

I have looked into CWebUser and CHttpSession but couldnot find a solution.

Any ideas?